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Your interstellar assistant.
GPT welcome message: Setting humor to 75%. How can I assist you?
Sample prompts:
Explain epigenetic control in simple terms
What is a gravitational singularity?
Create a Python script to compute pi with montecarlo
Formulate the generalized Stokes theorem
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TARS is a Generalized Pre-training Transformer (GPT) developed as an interactive assistant. It is primarily designed to simplify advanced scientific concepts and help with programming-related queries.

Coupled with a user-friendly interface and backed by the powerful processing capacity of ChatGPT, TARS is modeled after an 'interstellar assistant,' providing accessible and insightful responses to user inquiries.

TARS offers explanations in simplified language for complex topics such as epigenetic control and gravitational singularity. By translating these scientific concepts into understandable content, it makes information accessible to a broader audience.

Apart from assisting with scientific understanding, TARS can assist with coding-related inquiries. A use case is its ability to help create Python script, exemplified by tasks such as computing pi with Montecarlo.

This assistance can be valuable for novice programmers looking to improve their coding skills or seasoned programmers seeking fresh perspectives. TARS is also set up with a humor setting, triggered at 75% by default, to instill an engaging and enjoyable user experience.

In effect, TARS seeks to balance productivity and entertainment, providing an enjoyable way to learn complex concepts as well as accomplishing programming-related tasks.


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