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Your thesis companion.
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What is APA style?
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Thesis Guide is a GPT developed to aid users in their thesis work. This tool is designed to function as the user's thesis companion, providing assistance in various aspects of thesis writing and research.

It is a community-built application residing atop the ChatGPT framework. To use the Thesis Guide, a user needs to have ChatGPT Plus. As a sophisticated support tool, Thesis Guide is adept in offering advice regarding the starting point of a thesis, suggesting avenues for sourcing research materials, explaining APA citation style, and offering insight to improve a thesis statement, among other pertinent tasks.

Its friendly approach poses critical questions such as 'How do I start my thesis?', 'What is APA style?', and 'Improve this thesis statement.' This guidance is provided primarily through interactive chat sessions, facilitating a dynamic and customisable learning experience for users.

The core benefit of Thesis Guide is its ability to make the often daunting process of producing a thesis, a less stressful activity. As an AI tool, it brings value through its practicality and function as a ready-to-hand thesis support mechanism that can handle diverse user queries in real-time.


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