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Creating harmonious, unique spaces combining tradition and modernity.
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Quelles sont les tendances actuelles en matière de design d'intérieur qui vous inspirent le plus ?
Comment parvenez-vous à allier fonctionnalité et esthétique dans des espaces restreints ?
Quels sont les matériaux que vous préférez utiliser et pourquoi ?
Avez-vous des conseils pour quelqu'un qui souhaite redécorer son espace de vie mais ne sait pas par où commencer ?
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The Tho Kobayashi, Designer GPT is a specialized AI tool built on top of ChatGPT. This AI tool is designed to simulate the insights and knowledge of Tho Kobayashi, a designer known for creating innovative interiors.

It follows a design ideology that blends tradition and modernity to create unique and harmonious spaces, where light, textures, and colors merge into vibrant works of art.

An integral characteristic of this GPT is its ability to respond appropriately about interior design trends, functionality and aesthetics blending in confined spaces, material preferences and the reasons behind such choices, and advice for inexperienced individuals wanting to redecorate their living spaces but unsure of how to start.

The GPT aims to allow users to engage in a simulated conversation with 'Tho Kobayashi', hence providing an opportunity to gain design inspiration and guidance.

However, it's important to note that this GPT requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription to function. It serves as a unique resource for those interested in interior design, blending AI technology with artful design principles to foster innovation and creativity.


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