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ByJonathan Whitaker
Turning Toggl data into insightful visuals.
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Sample prompts:
Upload your CSV for analysis.
Show me monthly hours.
What's the longest task I've ever done?
How many hours did I log on my busiest day?
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Time Tracker Visualizer is a GPT that specializes in turning Toggl data into insightful visuals. It focuses on transforming raw time tracking data into digestible graphical representations.

Utilizing the exported time entries data from Toggl Track (which can be accessed through Settings -> Data Export -> Export Time Entries), it enables users to understand and interact with their data in a more intuitive and meaningful way.

Additionally, the Time Tracker Visualizer GPT offers the possibility of providing extra data analyses and plots on demand. From monitoring tasks and measuring work hours, users can uncover data-driven insights to improve their time management and productivity.

This tool is built upon the base of ChatGPT and requires ChatGPT Plus to work effectively. The interaction with this tool often starts with prompts like uploading one's CSV for analysis and asking for specific data points such as monthly hours, longest tasks, and hours logged on the busiest day among others.


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