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Improving TOEIC scores with tailored English questions.
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600 点レベルの TOEIC のpart5問題1問出題せよ
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TOEIC Tutor is a GPT that is designed to guide users in their journey to improve their Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) scores. The core functionality of this tool revolves around the generation of customized English questions, intended to assist learners in their preparation for the TOEIC exam.

In essence, this GPT serves as a personalized tutor, ready to deliver a unique learning experience based on the individual's level and requirement. The tool is aimed at not only enhancing the learners understanding of the English language but also at helping them become proficient in it, increasing their chances of scoring higher in the TOEIC exam.

To use the TOEIC Tutor, users are required to sign up and have a ChatGPT Plus subscription. It provides a warm welcome message, 'Ready to boost your TOEIC score? Let's get started!' offering a motivational start to the learning journey.

It also presents prompt starters that serve as cues for the specific level and type of question a learner may encounter in the TOEIC exam. Through this tool, learners can undertake a training approach that suits their individual language learning needs and schedules.

Note: It's a community built GPT, indicating that members of the user community have contributed to its development.


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