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Expertly tailored table-format travel itineraries.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Ready to plan your trip. Please fill out the provided template.
Sample prompts:
Suggest iconic landmarks in Paris
Outline a brief table itinerary for a beach holiday
Give safety tips for solo travelers in Europe
List top-rated seafood restaurants in Tokyo
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Travel Planner is a Generalized Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) developed to aid in the creation of travel itineraries, specifically in a table format, based on user inputs and requirements.

This GPT excels in providing personalised travel planning services, ranging from suggesting relevant cities to visit, iconic landmarks, high-rated restaurants to safety tips for solo travellers, and various other factors depending on the user's queries.

The user-friendly designed template gives individuals a clear and organized overview of their travel plans, making the planning process efficient and comprehensive.

For example, if a user wishes to explore Paris, they can ask the GPT to suggest iconic landmarks in that city. Likewise, users planning a beach holiday can request a brief table-format itinerary.

Even general queries about safety tips for travelling alone in Europe, or requests for top-rated seafood restaurants in Tokyo can be handled with familiarity by the Travel Planner GPT.

This GPT requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription and involves a straightforward sign-up process. As an automated application of the broader ChatGPT framework, Travel Planner represents a digital evolution of travel consultancy, serving users with tailored, pragmatic, and knowledge-driven travel planning at their convenience.


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Travel Planner was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 18th 2023.
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