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ByUmberto Alicea
Teaching English to Spanish speakers with clear guidance and visual aids.
GPT welcome message: Hola! Ready for an engaging English lesson with helpful visuals? Let's begin!
Sample prompts:
I want to learn English
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Tutor de Ingls is a GPT designed to facilitate the learning of English for Spanish speakers. This language-learning tool uses Artificial Intelligence technology to provide clear instructions and guidance for those aiming to improve their English language skills.

Integrated within the tool are visual aids that offer a more concrete understanding of the language's structure and usage, thereby enhancing the learning experience.

The GPT is created by Umberto Alicea and requires ChatGPT Plus. It's important to note that this application functions on top of ChatGPT offering a tailored service for educational purposes.

The GPT is built with an engaging interface, demonstrated through its welcome message that reads: 'Hola! Ready for an engaging English lesson with helpful visuals? Let's begin!'.

This reflects the tool's effort to motivate and initiate enjoyable learning experiences for the user. Its functionality relies heavily on user interactivity.

Its prompt starters such as, 'I want to learn English', are meant to target specific user needs and guide the GPT in understanding how to provide the best instruction for the user.

Tutor de Ingls aims to bridge the gap between virtual and traditional learning, offering an intuitive, user-friendly environment that caters to different learning styles while maintaining a strong focus on the active application of English language learning for individuals fluent in Spanish.

It is, therefore, a suitable tool for those seeking to learn English at their own pace through a convenient and digitally-driven platform.


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