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Simulate your UPSC Civil Services Exam Interview.
GPT welcome message: Welcome to your UPSC interview simulation. How can I assist you today?
Sample prompts:
How would you address a current policy issue?
What are your views on recent economic reforms?
Can you discuss a challenging situation you faced?
How do you stay informed about current affairs?
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UPSC Interview Companion is a GPT that simulates a UPSC Civil Services Exam Interview. Designed to maintain a balanced, professional, and supportive demeanor, this GPT confidently handles the role of an interview assistant.

Its functionality revolves around providing a realistic interview environment for prospective candidates preparing for the UPSC Civil Services examination.

Interaction with the GPT is centered on critical subjects and topics that are typically covered in such interviews. These include addressing current policy issues, discussing economic reforms, navigating challenging situations, and showcasing awareness of current affairs.

Furthermore, the UPSC Interview Companion welcomes users with a message that readily invites interaction, setting the tone for the simulated interview.

It is a tool that aids applicants in understanding the level of preparation needed and provides a platform to hone their responses, knowledge, and overall interview skills.

Note that this GPT requires ChatGPT Plus for access, requiring users to sign up for ChatGPT Plus to use this specific GPT. Its role is essentially to assist users in their preparation journey towards UPSC Civil Services Examinations, providing a rich, interactive, and supportive preparation tool.


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