Weather forecasting 2023-10-20
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Let's talk about the weather
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Hvordan bliver vejret i weekenden?
Skal mine børn have regntøj på i dag?
Kan du lave en tegning over vejret i morgen?
Lav et søjlediagram over temperaturen resten af ugen
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Vejret is a GPT developed by that focuses on providing weather-related information and discussions. Users sign up to interact and chat via this tool requiring a ChatGPT Plus subscription.

Within its interactive interface, participants can converse about both accurate current and forecasted weather conditions as well as more general topics related to meteorology.

Intuitive conversation starters such as 'Hvordan bliver vejret i weekenden?' (What will the weather be like this weekend?), 'Skal mine brn have regntj p i dag?' (Should my children wear raincoats today?), 'Kan du lave en tegning over vejret i morgen?' (Can you create a diagram of tomorrow's weather?) and 'Lav et sjlediagram over temperaturen resten af ugen.' (Create a bar chart of the temperature for the rest of the week) are given as prompt examples.

These prompts enable users to engage with the GPT in a dynamic manner, calling on both detailed weather forecasts and visual interpretations of data. Additionally, the ability to communicate in the Danish language makes Vejret versatile for both local and global users interested in Denmark's weather conditions.


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Vejret was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 23rd 2023.
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