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BySuresh Karri
Specializes in editing educational videos for YouTube
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Sample prompts:
How should I segment this video for YouTube?
Suggest a title for my YouTube short.
What part of this video is best for a short format?
Provide timestamps for key segments in this video.
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Video Editor Copilot is a GPT designed to optimize the video editing process with a particular focus on educational content for platforms like YouTube.

This tool guides its users in generating and formatting content for optimal presentation and viewer engagement. It can provide constructive advice on various parameters of video editing like segmenting content, determining the best sections of a video for short formats, and suggesting appropriate titles for YouTube shorts.

Another key feature includes generating timestamps for significant parts of the video, which helps in creating an organized breakdown of video content and streamlined user experience for viewers.

To leverage the full scope of the capabilities offered by Video Editor Copilot, users will need to have the ChatGPT Plus subscription. This powerful tool enables users to improve the quality of their video content and optimize it for educational purposes, enhancing their impact and reach on video sharing platforms.


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Video Editor Copilot was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 11th 2024.
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