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ByTylean Coleman
A creative helper for logo design critique and feedback
GPT welcome message: Hello! Ready to discuss your logo designs?
Sample prompts:
What do you think of my logo's color scheme?
How can I improve the typography in this design?
Does my logo convey the right message?
Can you suggest ways to make my logo more unique?
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Visual Guide is a GPT ideally designed to assist in the creative process involved in logo design. As a distinct application on top of the ChatGPT, its primary function is to provide constructive critique and feedback for logo designs.

It targets designers seeking to enhance their creative output and derive insightful perspectives on their work. With its intelligent assistance, Visual Guide can help designers assess various aspects of a logo such as its color scheme, typography, conveyed message, and uniqueness.

For instance, it can help users understand the effectiveness of their logos' color schemes, suggest improvements in typography, assess whether the logo effectively communicates its intended purpose, and provide ideas to add a distinguishing touch to their designs.

As a result, this GPT enhances the logo design process, making it a more insightful and efficient experience for the user.


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