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Upload a room image, get a custom wall color palette.
GPT welcome message: Welcome! Upload your room photo for a custom wall color palette, visually and textually.
Sample prompts:
Share your room photo for a wall color makeover.
Get a visual and textual wall color suggestion.
Looking to repaint? Upload your room for ideas.
Transform your walls! Send your room's image.
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WALL COLOR GPT is an advanced AI tool that utilizes generative pre-training transformer (GPT) to provide users with a unique service. Its main function is to analyze room images uploaded by users and offer custom wall color palette suggestions accordingly.

Not only does the GPT suggest color palettes, but it also provides visual representations of how the room may look.Once a user uploads a photograph of a room, the WALL COLOR GPT gets to work, processing the existing color scheme and spatial aspects of the room.

Taking into account the room's current design, it proposes a personalized wall color palette that harmonizes with the room's aesthetic. This innovative GPT tool moves beyond just textual descriptions of color suggestions; it presents a visual representation of the room with the suggested colors, providing users with a clearer idea of the transformation their room can undergo.To assist users in initiating the color suggestion process, the WALL COLOR GPT provides some prompt starters such as 'Share your room photo for a wall color makeover', 'Get a visual and textual wall color suggestion', 'Looking to repaint? Upload your room for ideas', and 'Transform your walls! Send your room's image'.The WALL COLOR GPT is an excellent tool for homeowners, interior decorators, and design enthusiasts seeking to experiment with wall colors and visualize changes before making any actual changes.

Please note that the use of this tool requires the subscription to ChatGPT Plus.


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