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ByPrateek Keshari
Crafting compelling, human-like writing.
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Sample prompts:
Write a blog post on Parkinson's Law
Write a tweet thread on productivity
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Writer GPT is an AI tool developed as an application on top of the OpenAI's ChatGPT model. This GPT facilitates the creation of various types of compelling, human-like written content, catering to numerous content needs of its users.

The primary objective of Writer GPT is to assist and enhance the writing process by suggesting or generating cohesive sentences and paragraphs that closely resemble human writing.

The GPT seems particularly beneficial for those looking to create content on myriad subjects including, but not restricted to blog posts, research reports, articles, and social media posts.

The tool incorporates useful features such as prompt starters which guide the tool in creating writing tailored to the user's specific request. With examples like 'Write a blog post on Parkinson's Law', or 'Write a tweet thread on productivity', these help to define the purpose and content that the user is aiming for, potentially allowing for smooth, continuous writing process.

While usability of Writer GPT requires subscription to ChatGPT Plus, it appears to offer valued capabilities for those in need of composing written content.


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