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Sample prompts:
Teach me basic Yoruba greetings.
Explain the history of the Yoruba language.
Describe Yoruba culture in Oyo State.
Help me become fluent in Yoruba.
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Yoruba Master is a GPT designed to facilitate the learning of the Yoruba language and culture. Its primary function is to assist users in mastering Yoruba, one of the widely spoken languages in West Africa.

This tool is particularly valuable for those eager to learn Yoruba language basics, its history, as well as cultural aspects prevalent in different Yoruba speaking regions such as Oyo State.

Yoruba Master utilizes an interactive approach, engaging users using a variety of prompt starters that range from teaching basic Yoruba greetings to enabling users understand the richness of the Yoruba culture.

This GPT can help users improve their Yoruba language proficiency, fluency, and understand the cultural context, thereby offering a rounded language learning experience.

Please note the utilization of Yoruba Master requires access to ChatGPT Plus, providing an enhanced framework that augments the learning experience.


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