Hi, Andrei here, founder of There's An AI For That. I'm a solopreneur / indie developer from Bucharest, Romania and I got fascinated by AI many years ago by reading blogs like Lesswrong, Slate Star Codex and Overcoming Bias (which I still read and recommended today).

When Stable Diffusion was released, I started testing and documenting hundreds of image generation tools that popped up in a very short time. I released the biggest collection of Stable Diffusion tools (600+) as an Airtable spreadsheet on diffusiondb.com, which got a decent amount of traffic and newsletter signups.

Meanwhile, new tools were popping up that were not using Stable Diffusion, and that's how the idea for TAAFT came about.

I launched TAAFT on December 2 2022. It immediately went viral and reached 100k visits in the first week - and it's been growing ever since (as of writing this, we are at 2M+ monthly users).

I remember thinking "if this gets to 10k daily users, it might turn into a business", little did I know we would 10x that less than 6 months later.

Right now TAAFT is the #1 AI aggregator both in terms of users and quantity of AIs and tasks examined. All the AIs listed are either manually sourced or submitted by the community and each AI listed is manually vetted again before being published.

If you're new here, I recommend checking out the following resources.

The Timeline of AI capabilities - a chronological list of all the capabilities acquired by AI since 2016
The AI Job Impact Index - 4,000+ jobs ranked by how much AI impacts them and mapped to the most relevant AI tools for each job

A lot of work went into creating these and they and constantly being updated, so I think you'll find them very interesting.

TAAFT also includes an AI-based search engine for AI tools, a ChatGPT plugin and a newsletter that's entirely written by ChatGPT and which has over 200k subscribers.

If you have any questions or just want to say hello, my Twitter DMs are open.

My name is Andrei and I'm an indie developer. If you liked this, please consider sharing it and for more cool things like this follow me on Twitter.


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