There's An AI For That (TAAFT) is the leading AI aggregator, with over 2 million monthly active users and the largest database of AI tools and tasks.

Our platform was launched on December 2nd by Andrei Nedelcu, an indie developer from Bucharest, Romania and reached 100,000 visits in the first week.

Our mission is to offer the most complete set of tools for anyone who is planning to use AI to improve their lives and work performance.

The website includes a variety of topics, including a timeline of AI capabilities, the Job Impact Index, which shows the impact of AI on over 4,000 human jobs, as well as which AI tools are most suited to each job.

There's An AI For That has the largest community of AI founders and users, with thousands of AI founders having submitted their tools to our platform.

The There's An AI For That newsletter is one the largest newsletters in AI and one of the fastest growing newsletters in the world, with over 800,000 subscribers and growing fast each month.

My name is Andrei and I'm an indie developer. If you liked this, please consider sharing it and for more cool things like this follow me on Twitter.
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