Editorial guidelines

We exclusively list AI tools. This refers to new apps that were built from the ground up on top of AI models. We also list major new AI features from popular consumer apps.

We reserve the right to reject submissions that we believe are low quality, deceiving or dangerous to our users.

We do not accept AI newsletters, aggregators, blogs, etc.

Impact of AI on jobs

The Impact score is expressed as a percentage where 0% indicates that AI has no impact on that job and 100% indicates that the job can theoretically be fully automated with the help of AI based on current capabilities (this does not necessarily mean that the job will cease to exist).

How the Impact score is calculated

The Impact score is calculated based on the tasks that can be performed with AI, the relevancy of those tasks for a specific job, the AI impact score of each task, the number of AIs available for each task and the capabilities of each individual AI within each task. The final score is calculated with the help of AI.

Timeline of AI

The Timeline provides a visual overview of the evolution of AI capabilities. The date of each task corresponds to the launch date of the first AI tool dedicated to that task.

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