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Automated fashion product photography for e-commerce.
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Botika is an AI-powered software platform that helps online apparel retailers to quickly and cost-effectively produce high-quality, hyper-realistic clothing product photos.

The platform makes use of generative AI technology to create an endless variety of on-model images, eliminating the need for traditional photoshoots and the associated costs and time.

Botika is compliant with the world’s leading ecommerce platforms and can be used to generate images with a wide range of diversity, ethnicity, hairstyle, facial expression, background and more.

The platform also helps to quickly upload new collections, move stock quickly, reduce returns and optimize photos for location, age, body type and more.

Botika is backed by Secret Chord Ventures, Stardom Ventures and Kaedan Ventures and is committed to transforming the fashion industry through the use of synthetic media.


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Botika was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 19th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates on-model images
High-quality product photos
Quick apparel visualization
Reduced photoshoot costs
Endless image variety
Compliant with ecommerce platforms
Offers model diversity
Enhances customer relatability
Optimizes images for demographics
Quick collection uploads
Fast stock movement
Reduces product returns
Automates clothing product photos
Hyper-realistic imagery
Customizable ethnicities and hairstyles
Adjustable facial expressions
Changeable backgrounds
Scaled photo creation
Full control on appeal
Consistent brand look
Experienced in synthetic media
Hassle-free software solution
Boosts brand through visuals


Dependent on quality inputs
Possible over-optimization
May lack personalization
Software only solution
Unknown pricing model
Potentially steep learning curve
Unclear data management
Difficulties with subtle nuances
Limited model diversity


What is the Botika AI platform?
How does Botika help with fashion photography?
What is generative AI technology in relation to Botika?
Can Botika be integrated with major ecommerce platforms?
In what ways does Botika optimize photos?
Who are the investors backing Botika?
How does Botika contribute to promoting diversity in fashion representaion?
Can Botika help to reduce returns in e-commerce fashion?
What kind of models can you use on the Botika platform?
How does Botika's AI platform eliminate the need for traditional photoshoots?
What are the capabilities of Botika for adjusting facial expressions and backgrounds in images?
How efficient is Botika in terms of cost and time compared to traditional photoshoots?
Does Botika offer solutions for all body types?
Is Botika's AI technology suitable for any specific selling regions?
Can Botika's software be used to upload new collections faster?
What is the quality of images produced by Botika?
How does Botika help brands embrace their shoppers?
Does Botika apply the same look and feel throughout the website?
What is the extent of Botika's global usage?
Who is the team behind Botika and their experience?

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