Goal achieving 2022-12-23
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Task management and goal tracking for productivity.
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Dewey is an AI accountability buddy that helps users stay organized and productive. It does this by sending text message reminders, tracking goals, and providing conversational AI.

This makes it easier for users to manage tasks and develop new habits. Dewey also allows users to customize their reminders, as well as ask simple questions that it can answer.

It is free for up to 3 tasks, with a “Best Friends” plan that offers unlimited tasks and other perks. Dewey will send reminders every three hours between 7am and 9pm in the user’s timezone.

If users are having difficulty with Dewey, they can contact customer support by emailing [email protected].

Dewey was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 3rd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Text message reminders
Goal tracking feature
Customizable reminders
Question answering capabilities
Frequent reminders throughout day
Supports developing new habits
Free for up to 3 tasks
Paid plan for unlimited tasks
Active customer support
Ability to handle simple inquiries
Personalized nudges for task completion
Adapts to user's timezone
Notifies every three hours
Simplified sign-up process
Can lookup information like recipes
Ability to change reminder frequency
Email-based customer support
Learning new capabilities like remembering specific reminder times


Limited feature free version
No app interface
Lacks advanced features
Only text-based interactions
No in-app customer support
Undefined data privacy measures
Limited customization options
SMS feature could incur costs
No mentioned integration capabilities
Limiting time range for reminders


What is Dewey?
How can Dewey help increase my productivity?
Can Dewey send me customized text message reminders?
What sort of goals can Dewey help me track?
How does Dewey's conversational AI feature work?
Is Dewey free to use?
What does the 'Best Friends' plan offer in Dewey?
At what intervals will Dewey send me reminders?
Can I change the time when Dewey sends me reminders?
How can I get in touch with Dewey's customer support?
Can Dewey assist in habit formation?
Can I converse with Dewey?
What sort of questions can I ask Dewey?
Does Dewey offer both task management and goal tracking?
Can I tailor my reminders in Dewey to suit my preferences?
What does it mean when it says Dewey is learning to remember specific reminder times?
Does Dewey have a feature for repeating reminders?
What capabilities is Dewey expected to learn next?
How often will Dewey check-in on my progress?
What are some of the advanced questions Dewey plans to answer in the future?


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