Discord Diffusion
Customizable bot generates images from Discord prompts.

Generated by ChatGPT

Discord Diffusion is a fully customizable and easy-to-install Discordbot by Stability AI. It allows users to generate images via Stable Diffusion on their Discord servers.

The bot responds to @Bot your image prompt to generate an image. With the integration of Autocode's API and serverless hosting platform, the bot is editable via Autocode's web editor.

To install Discord Diffusion, users need to link their Discord bot credentials and their Stability AI credentials. To enable the bot to respond to mentions, Privileged Intents must be enabled.

Discord Diffusion makes use of Autocode's built-in Discord event routing to route bot_mention events to a specific file and sends a placeholder message to Discord using the Discord API.

After that, it speaks to Stability AI's API to ask it to generate an image using some default parameters and the prompt the user entered. Finally, it updates the Discord message with the attached image once generated.

To improve the bot, users can play around with different prompts and models via the Stability AI API or connect the Stability AI API to other apps like Twitter, Slack, and Email.

For support, users can visit Autocode's official Discord server or reach out to Autocode directly via e-mail.



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