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Personalized phone suggestions and chat summaries.
Generated by ChatGPT

FloatingAI is an AI assistant available on Google Play that can provide personalized suggestions to users based on the information displayed on their phone screen.

It is designed to float on top of any app currently being used and can aid in tasks such as providing comments from a supporter's or opponent's perspective on social media pages, summarizing or extracting key points from any content, or recommending next replies in chat applications, among others.

Additionally, users can create their own prompts and use GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) to read their phone and assist with various tasks. The tool requires access to the current page's content and needs the accessibility service to be turned on to function correctly.

However, the developer assures users that no data is collected except when the user clicks the button, and no data is sent to their servers if users use their own OpenAI API Key.

Furthermore, data safety and privacy practices may vary based on the user's region, use, and age, and the developer provides clear information on this aspect.

Finally, FloatingAI is available for free with in-app purchases, and it is categorized under the Tools section of Google Play. Overall, FloatingAI presents itself as a useful tool for users who want to enhance their smartphone's capabilities by adding an AI assistant to it.


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FloatingAI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 25th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Personalized phone suggestions
Chat summaries
Available on Google Play
Floats on top of apps
Assists in diverse tasks
Provides commentary suggestions
Content summarizing abilities
Recommendations for chat replies
User created prompts
Uses GPT for tasks
Requires current page's content
Data use only upon clicking
No data sent with own key
Clear data safety information
Free with in-app purchases
Google Play Tools categorization
Independence from developer’s server
Assures user data privacy
Suggestive actions based on context
Can interact with any app
Helps manage relations in chats


Requires accessibility service
Uneven data privacy practices
Varied data security based on region
In-app purchases required
Floats on all apps (might obstruct view)
Focus on Android platform
Potentially disruptive on active screens
Language support not specified


What is FloatingAI?
How does FloatingAI work on my Android?
How can FloatingAI assist me during my use of social media apps?
What does FloatingAI require in terms of accessibility settings?
Does FloatingAI collect any data?
When does FloatingAI collect information?
If I use OpenAI API Key, will FloatingAI send any data to its servers?
How do I create my own prompts with FloatingAI?
How does FloatingAI support GPT?
What services and features are available for free with FloatingAI?
What's available via in-app purchases in FloatingAI?
Can FloatingAI summarize or extract key points from any content?
Can FloatingAI provide suggestions for my chat replies?
What kind of interactions will I have with FloatingAI?
How can FloatingAI read and interpret my phone's information?
Does FloatingAI work with all apps?
What are the terms of service for FloatingAI?
What's the privacy policy in FloatingAI?
What's the age requirement to use FloatingAI?
Where can I download FloatingAI?


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