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Dynamic content engagement for website users.
Generated by ChatGPT is a revolutionary AI-powered solution that helps people engage with content in a dynamic and ever-changing way. It is easy to use and requires minimal setup.

All that is needed is to create text prompts, generate the embed code (a single line) and paste it into the website. is a subscription based service that offers various pricing plans.

Customers can contact the team with questions or feedback through the form on the website or by email. With, users can easily keep their website content fresh and engaging.


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Fresho was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 15th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Minimal setup required
Dynamic content generation
Single line embed code
Multiple pricing plans
Email support
Subscription based service
Customizable text prompts
Keeps website content fresh
Easily implemented on website


Subscription based
Limited customer support
Minimal setup required
No free plan
Multiple pricing tiers
No API referenced
Requires text prompts
Thin on technical details
Reliance on embed code


What is
How does work?
How do I set up on my website?
What are the steps to use
How is revolutionizing engagement with content?
What do I need to do to create dynamic content with
What does 'dynamic AI generated content' mean in
Does require advanced technical knowledge to use?
Is a subscription based service?
What are the different pricing plans for
How can I contact the team?
What is the purpose of the embed code in
What benefits can I expect from using
Can I customise the content that generates?
Does have any usage limitations?
How does ensure the content is always fresh?
Is there a trial version for
How can help me increase user engagement on my site?
How secure is
Can integrate with my existing website?

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