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Manage your entire IT Infrastructure effortlessly with AI Automation.
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ITVA (IT Virtual Assistant) is an AI-driven tool designed to automate and simplify the management of an entire IT infrastructure using natural language.

This solution offers an efficient and precise approach for network infrastructure management. The ITVA functions include configuration, querying, and documentation of the entire network, all through natural language instructions.

Users can implement configurations with unrivalled speed and simplicity through NetGen and AutoDoc functionalities. ITVA also offers a networking query feature that diminishes the time it usually takes to diagnose and troubleshoot.

Furthermore, the tool provides an ability to pull live data directly from your network devices and query the entire network using AI analysis. Additional features include automated network diagrams that enhance network visibility by generating diagrams from real-time data, and modern IP address management techniques to deliver improved accuracy and efficiency.

The tool also guarantees security through read-only permissions that protect and safeguard your data. Lastly, ITVA supports both on-filed and cloud network infrastructure with real-time AI analysis.


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ITVA was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 9th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Automates IT infrastructure management
Uses natural language instructions
Quick network configuration via NetGen
Efficient documentation with AutoDoc
Accelerates troubleshooting process
Real-time data extraction from devices
Automatically generates network diagrams
Enhances network visibility
Utilizes modern IP address management
Promotes accuracy and efficiency
Read-only permissions for data security
Supports both on-field and cloud
Centralized management of network
Rapid data retrieval
Automated data structuring
Customizable network diagrams
Live Route, Interface IP, and ARP data
Automatic sync with static IP allocations
Proprietary dataset for improved accuracy
Real-time data pipeline
On-demand analysis
Designed for secure connectivity
Interprets dynamic code on-demand
Seamless integration to on-premises network


Limited to English instructions
Depends heavily on NetGen/AutoDoc
Relies on read-only permissions
No multi-language support
Doesn't support non-network management
Not mentioned mobile support
No offline operation mentioned
Lack of customization options


What is ITVA (IT Virtual Assistant)?
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What is the role of natural language instructions in the ITVA functionality process?
Can you briefly explain the NetGen and AutoDoc functionalities?
What specific features does ITVA offer for quick diagnosis and troubleshooting?
How does ITVA fetch live data from network devices?
How does ITVA improve my network visibility?
What is the modern IP address management technique introduced by ITVA?
How are read-only permissions used to secure my data in ITVA?
Does ITVA support cloud network infrastructure?
What makes ITVA's approach to network management unique?
How can I start using ITVA for free?
What is involved in the ITVA 30-day enterprise trial?
How does ITVA reduce configuration time?
Can you explain how ITVA improves the Mean Time to Repair?
How accurate are the automated network diagrams generated by ITVA?
Is ITVA's Connectivity to my network secure?
What type of data does ITVA's proprietary dataset contain?
How can I contact ITVA for technical support?
What measures does ITVA take to safeguard my data?

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