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Web podcast platform with easy audio editing.
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Koolio.ai is an AI-driven platform that makes creating podcasts quick and simple. It provides a web-based interface with intuitive tools and features designed for creators of all skill levels.

Koolio.ai provides the ability to record or upload audio, transcribe each speaker, collaborate with others, and auto-select sound effects and music based on the context of the podcast.

It also provides advanced audio manipulation and editing capabilities such as cutting, copying, pasting, and inserting audio clips. Users can also add fades and other effects to their podcast.

Koolio.ai simplifies the complex process of creating a podcast, allowing users to take an idea to a completed podcast in a matter of minutes.


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Koolio was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 20th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Web-based platform
Intuitive interface
Useful for all skill levels
Record or upload audio
Transcribes speakers
Collaboration features
Contextual sound effects
Contextual music selection
Advanced audio editing
Cut, copy, paste audio
Insert audio clips
Add fades and effects
Quick podcast creation
Quality content creation
Visual interface
No proprietary software
Professional features
Studio quality tools
Multi select transcription
Changing speakers of audio
Insert recordings into projects
Easy step-by-step process
High quality output
Shareable content


Web-based only
Requires JavaScript
No offline version
Collaboration features unspecified
Possibly limited sound effects
Quality of context-based selections unclear
Transcription accuracy not mentioned
No API mentioned
Lack of tutorials
Limited customer support options


What is Koolio.ai?
What features does Koolio.ai offer for podcast creation?
How does Koolio.ai assist with audio editing?
What are the audio manipulation capabilities of Koolio.ai?
Does Koolio.ai allow collaboration between users?
How does Koolio.ai auto-select sound effects and music?
How quickly can I create a podcast using Koolio.ai?
Can I record audio directly on Koolio.ai?
Can Koolio.ai transcribe each speaker in my podcast?
Can I apply effects to my podcast using Koolio.ai?
How easy is it to use the Koolio.ai interface?
Can I upload pre-recorded audio to Koolio.ai?
Does Koolio.ai allow for multi-select transcription?
Can I change speakers of audio segments using Koolio.ai?
How can I insert another recording or file into a Koolio.ai project?
What does it mean by Koolio.ai helping to 'enhance my podcast'?
How can I apply fades in Koolio.ai?
In what format can my podcast be exported from Koolio.ai?
How can I share my podcast created with Koolio.ai?
Is Koolio.ai a web-based platform or does it require a software installation?


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