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Revolutionize your restaurant's customer service with, the AI-powered phone agent.
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Loman is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered phone agent designed for the restaurant industry, offering a suite of automated services. Primarily, Loman is capable of answering customer calls, taking orders, booking reservations, and responding to various inquiries around the clock.

Seamlessness is key in Loman's functionality as it is able to handle multiple calls simultaneously, thereby ensuring that no customer is put on hold or missed, a feature that is significant for operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

It is also capable of answering questions specific to your restaurant due to its custom training feature. Notably, Loman offers integration with leading restaurant Point of Sale (POS) systems, thus, facilitating a smooth linkage between customer orders or reservations and the restaurant's workflow.

Multilingual abilities enable Loman to interact with customers in over 30 languages, significantly improving service reach and inclusivity. Other notable functionalities include lead capturing, custom quote generation, appointment booking, intelligent lead routing, inbound call analytics, and provision of call recording and transcription services.

Loman is not just an AI tool; it is an operational efficiency booster designed to improve customer experience and reduce labor costs while boosting revenues through its 24/7 availability and intelligent customer interactions.


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Loman was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 9th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Automated restaurant services
Answers customer calls
Takes orders
Books reservations
Responds to inquiries 24/7
Handles multiple calls simultaneously
No missed or on-hold customers
Custom training features
Integrates with POS systems
Multilingual (30+ languages)
Captures leads
Generates custom quotes
Books appointments
Intelligent lead routing
Inbound call analytics
Provides call recordings
Transcription services
Boosts operational efficiency
Reduces labor costs
Boosts revenues
Increases customer satisfaction
Capable of upselling
Allows staff task focus
Automates phone orders
Handles menu specific questions
Maximizes productivity
Seamless POS integration
Customizable voice options
Call forwarding options
Real-time order accuracy
Advanced natural language processing
Transparent call recording options


Limited to restaurant industry
Requires thorough custom training
Depending on phone system compatibility
Lack of integrations mentioned
Limited to 30 languages
Recordings may raise privacy issues
Assumed familiarity with POS systems
May not handle uncommon queries
Inability to understand complex phrases


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How does Loman integrate with restaurant workflows?

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