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Generator of personalized maps with editable pins.
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MapsGPTPowered by OpenAI and Proxi, MapsGPT is a custom mapping tool that allows users to quickly and easily create maps with custom pins in seconds. All users have to do is enter in the type of location they are looking for, such as flea markets or spots for walking their cat, and the tool will generate a map with custom pins.

The map features an editable copy, making it easy to add additional points or make edits as needed. Users can also share their maps via Twitter, Facebook, email, or even just by copying the link.

MapsGPT is powered by Proxi and can access aggregated data, though users should contact locations to verify the details. Proxi also allows users to revisit the maps they’ve already made, making it easy to find the perfect spot for any occasion.


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Maps GPT was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 3rd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Personalized maps creation
Editable custom pins
Quick map generation
Easy sharing via social media
Can re-access created maps
Wide range of location types
Supports peculiar location requests
Useful for event planning
Simple UI
User location typing
Location data aggregation
Allows map edits
Location verification recommendation
Integration with Proxi
View most viewed maps
Prompts for map generation
Ability to copy map link
Generates both vertical and horizontal images
Prompt suggestions
Aggregated data usage
Daily popular maps highlight
Specific prompt suggestions
Wide categorical map options
Supports detailed location criteria
Compatible with different cities/countries
User submission responsiveness
Offers unique map categories
The ability to try again
Displays error notifications
Offers transparency regarding data


Limited sharing options
Requires location verification
No Android app
Limited map customization
Can't save without Proxi
No Google Maps synergy
Unverified aggregated data
No multi-user editing
Lack of printing options
Limited search categories


What is MapsGPT?
How does MapsGPT work?
Can I customize the pins on the map generated by MapsGPT?
What kind of locations can I search for using MapsGPT?
Is MapsGPT user-friendly?
Can I share the maps generated by MapsGPT?
Which platforms can I share my map on using MapsGPT?
What is Proxi?
Can I revisit the maps I've made previously using MapsGPT?
Does MapsGPT have up-to-date data about the location?
Are there any limitations in terms of location types I can search for using MapsGPT?
Could you explain the process of making a custom map with MapsGPT?
Can I edit the map after it has been generated by MapsGPT?
How accurate are the maps provided by MapsGPT?
Is there any cost associated with using the MapsGPT tool?
Can I get both vertical and horizontal images of my map in MapsGPT?
Does MapsGPT offer any other features like areas of interest or points of interest?
How fast does MapsGPT generate custom maps?
What does 'aggregated data' mean in the context of MapsGPT?
How diverse are the mapping options available on MapsGPT?

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