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Elevate your fashion with AI-powered feedback!
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Outfit AI - Outfit Check is a fashion advisement tool that uses artificial intelligence to provide feedback on outfits. By uploading a photo of the outfit, users receive personalised style tips and ratings to help improve their style choices.

This tool is not restrictively utilised for any specific event or setting, as it can provide style guidance for both casual and formal outfits. Outfit AI - Outfit Check is aimed at assisting users to make better fashion decisions, teaching them that small adjustments can greatly influence the overall image.

Additionally, this tool can increase user's confidence by providing expert guidance easily accessible at their fingertips. Created by Michal Michalik, this tool is designed for iPhone users and is available for free on the App Store.

Note that, some in-app purchases might be offered to enhance user experience, providing unlimited access to some features.


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Outfit AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 10th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Personalised style tips
Rating system for outfits
Versatile for any setting
Increases user's confidence
Teaches minor adjustments impact
Designed for iPhone users
Free download
Offers in-app purchases
Instant feedback
Supports both casual and formal
Contributes to better fashion decisions
Enhanced user experience
Useful for outfit improvement
Can be used universally
Detailed style advisement
Easy and accessible
Educates on fashion choices
User-focused design
At-your-fingertips expert guidance
Boosts sartorial image
Real-time improvement suggestions
Understanding of style influences
Mobile fashion platform
Option for unlimited features
Smart ratings for outfits
Personal grooming assistant
Tailored advice for individuals
Advanced personal styling


Only for iPhone users
Potentially expensive in-app purchases
Doesn't cater to specific events
May require frequent updates
Privacy concerns
No Android compatibility
Limited Language options (English)


What is the Outfit AI - Outfit Check?
How does Outfit AI - Outfit Check work?
What type of outfits can Outfit AI - Outfit Check advise on?
How is Outfit AI - Outfit Check aimed at improving fashion decisions?
How can Outfit AI - Outfit Check improve user's confidence?
Who is the creator of the Outfit AI - Outfit Check?
Is Outfit AI - Outfit Check available for Android?
Where can I download the Outfit AI - Outfit Check?
What are the in-app purchases available in Outfit AI - Outfit Check?
How personal are the style tips given by Outfit AI - Outfit Check?
Can I use Outfit AI - Outfit Check for formal events?
Does Outfit AI - Outfit Check work for casual outfits?
Can I try Outfit AI - Outfit Check for free?
What are the data privacy practices of Outfit AI - Outfit Check?
What can I do with the professional styling advice provided?
Can Outfit AI - Outfit Check guide me on suitable outfits based on occasions?
What features does the free version of Outfit AI - Outfit Check offer?
What can the unlimited access feature provide?
Are there any limitations to using Outfit AI - Outfit Check?
What is the user rating of Outfit AI - Outfit Check?

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