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Fun and creative drawing platform.
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ELBO AI's Silly Times App is an AI-powered drawing app that is designed to provide a fun and creative platform for users of all ages. The app allows users to draw something, press the magic wand button and see the results of the AI-generated image based on their sketch.

The AI-powered image can then be further edited and used with the magic wand again. The app is easy to use and contains no limits on the number of creations.

Additionally, the app does not collect any personally identifiable data, instead opting to collect analytics data to improve the app. The app is available to download for free from the App Store.

This AI-powered drawing tool is sure to provide fun and creative experiences for users of all ages.


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Silly Times was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 20th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Free to download
No creation limits
App analytics data collection
No personally identifiable data collection
Available for all ages
In-app magic wand feature
Versatile drawing platform
Option for further edits
Encourages user creativity
Surprising image transformations
Fun and simple app interface
Improves based on usage data
No user data limit concerns
Open for feature requests
User-friendly sketching tool
App Store availability
Personalized drawing experience


Limited to Apple devices
No data privacy
No advanced editing features
Adds without clear turn off
Unknown data usage
Requires internet connection
No community sharing features
Limited drawing tools
No offline mode


What is the Silly Times App?
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Is there a limit for creations in Silly Times?
Does Silly Times collect any personal data?
What data does Silly Times collect for analytics?
How can I download the Silly Times App?
Can my kids use the Silly Times App?
How can the Silly Times App make drawing more fun?
Can I do multiple edits using the magic wand in Silly Times?
Can I use Silly Times without registering?
Where can I send feedback or feature requests for Silly Times App?
Do I have to pay for using the Silly Times app?
Are there any user guides available for the Silly Times App?
How can I view my previous creations in Silly Times?
Are there any other features in the Silly Times app in addition to the magic wand?
What platforms is Silly Times available on?
Can I share my creations from the Silly Times App?
Who made the Silly Times App?

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