Face swapping 01 Nov 2022
Live video calls with real-time face swapping.

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Swapface is a real-time face swapping AI tool that enables users to swap faces with others during live streams and video calls. It uses advanced machine learning models to detect and replace a user's face with a high-quality, ready-to-use face from their gallery.

The system is easy-to-use and requires only a mid-range graphics card to run smoothly. Swapface is a cost-effective solution that is exceptionally lightweight, computationally efficient, and provides excellent performance, resulting in hyper-realistic and natural representations of faces.

Swapface's technology has great potential in entertainment, gaming, satire, and culture when used responsibly. Swapface guarantees user privacy as all procedures and data run on the user's machine.

Furthermore, Swapface provides tutorials that enable users to create realistic face swaps in a webcam with just one click. The system comes with a gallery of stunning, high-quality, and ready-to-use faces, and users can choose a suitable face to swap with their own during live streams or video calls.

Swapface is currently available for Windows and is free to download.

Swapface was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 11th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Real-time face swapping
Live video call integration
High-quality face replacements
Efficient on mid-range graphics cards
Cost-effective technology
Lightweight software
Produces hyper-realistic results
Potential in entertainment and gaming
Assured user privacy
On-device data processing
Supervised face swap tutorials
Ready-to-use face gallery
Compatible with Windows
Free software
One-click operation
Suitable for live streams
Guaranteed computation efficiency
Supports responsible usage
High-quality face offerings
Consistent system upgrades
Recommended for RTX 2070+
Accommodates advanced webcam
Promotes physical adaptations
Customized CPU and GPU support
Offers time-saving benefits
Capacity for fame simulation
Requires minimal user intervention
No dependence on external servers
Adaptable to different settings
Accepts regular system enhancements
Inbuilt picture quality improvement
Portable windows installation
Ensures celebrity resemblance
Promises real-time face replacements
Supports increasing fanbase
Ensures system speed optimization
Celebrity-ready face market
User forums for assistance
Broad commercial applications
Promises non-stop accessibility
Professionally created face prototypes
Privacy policy protection
Promises consistency in results
Real-time face swap generation
Advanced camera angle support
Frequent system updates


Requires mid-range graphics card
Limited face selection
Depends on facial similarity
No user uploaded faces
Performance depends on lighting
Potential delay on weak machines
Doesn't support non-Windows OS
Requires advanced webcam for quality
May not resemble chosen celebrity
Functionality limited by hardware


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Is Swapface available for other operating systems apart from Windows?
Is Swapface free to download?
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Why does my swapped face not look like the intended celebrity?
How can I swap my face to a particular celebrity on Swapface?
Why is Swapface running slow on my machine?
What can I do to speed up Swapface?
Does Swapface experience any time delays during operation?
Are there any tutorials for using Swapface?
How resource-intensive is Swapface?
How can Swapface be used responsibly for satire and culture?
Does Swapface support user uploaded face images?
Why is Swapface considered a cost-effective solution?
How does Swapface create natural representations of faces?

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