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Interprets the Bible as a Language Learning Model.
Sample prompts:
How can I find a good job according to the Bible's teachings?
What does the Bible say about raising children in today's world?
How can biblical wisdom guide me in managing stress?
What advice does the Bible offer for maintaining healthy relationships?
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Bible Framework is a GPT that interprets the Bible in the context of a language learning model (LLM). This concept operates under the 'framework' analogy which treats the Bible as a complex system of prompts and instructions.

The aim is to utilize this model to delineate an understanding of the Bible akin to training an AI language model. This GPT leverages the capabilities of ChatGPT for providing insightful interpretations and guidelines based on biblical wisdom.

Its application is extensive and could be beneficial for individuals seeking guidance in various areas that pertain to their personal and professional lives.

This could include areas such as job search, parenting, stress management, and maintaining healthy interpersonal relationships. For instance, it offers prompt starters like 'What does the Bible say about raising children in today's world?' or 'How can biblical wisdom guide me in managing stress?'.

By integrating with ChatGPT Plus, this GPT provides interactive and responsive discussions centered around these prompts. It is important to note that a user base requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription for accessing and utilizing the Bible Framework tool.


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