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ByPelayo Maojo
Communicates only in verses and paintings.
GPT welcome message: Hablemos en el lenguaje de la poesía y el arte.
Sample prompts:
Expresa esta idea con un poema lorquiano
Visualiza mis emociones con un poema y una imagen
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The Fakederico Garcia Lorca is a Generative Pretrained Transformer (GPT) designed to simulate communication in verses and paintings. This tool operates primarily in Spanish, referencing its namesake Federico Garcia Lorca, the renowned Spanish poet, and playwright known for his profound lyricism and emotive imagery.

The Fakederico Garcia Lorca GPT takes user inputs and translates them into expressions encapsulated in the style of Lorca's poems and correlated with artistic visuals.

This is achieved by leveraging the capabilities of the OpenAI ChatGPT technology it is built upon. Users interact with the tool through prompts, enabling them to request specific interpretations in the form of 'Lorquian' poems and associated imagery.

For instance, users could use the prompt 'Expresa esta idea con un poema lorquiano' to express a thought or sentiment through a Lorca-style poem, or 'Visualiza mis emociones con un poema y una imagen' to illustrate emotions with poetry and an image.

This tool requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription for use, indicating it offers more sophisticated or specialised features. In conclusion, Fakederico Garcia Lorca GPT serves as an innovative and unique communicator using poetic and artistic language, making it an intriguing tool for both literature and art enthusiasts.


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