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C++ code analysis and management for game development
GPT welcome message: Hi! Are you working with Unity, Godot, or a different engine today?
Sample prompts:
How can I improve this game mechanic?
Create a concept art for a sci-fi character.
What's a good engine for my game?
Draft a script for my game's main mechanic.
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Indie Dev Assistant is a GPT designed to support the process of game development with a specific focus on C++ code analysis and management. Developed by Floky Julian Vidal, it is built to optimize the programming workflow for indie game developers across different game engines such as Unity and Godot.

This GPTs main function is in offering advice, proposing improvements, and suggesting optimal coding approaches to improve the game mechanics. Indie Dev Assistant can assist developers in brainstorming unique ideas, such as the conceptualization of art for sci-fi characters, and also provide recommendations on the best game engines suitable for specific projects.

In addition to this, the GPT also aids in drafting scripts for game mechanics which is a helpful resource for the narrative aspect of game development.

As the system is integrated with ChatGPT, there's an inherent benefit of direct interaction with the AI. Indie Dev Assistant, thus, is intended to be a companion tool for game developers, streamlining the coding and creative process by offering efficient, accessible, and accurate AI-powered guidance.


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