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ByClifton des Ligneris
A mentor for product management insights.
GPT welcome message: Welcome, product manager! How can I assist you today?
Sample prompts:
How do I prioritize features?
Can you review my product roadmap?
I need tips on user interviews.
How can I grow as a Product Manager?
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PM Coach is a specialized GPT created with a focus on product management. It's designed to provide users with detailed insights into the specific field of Product Management in a conversational manner.

This tool is constructed as a coach with an ability to mentor about diverse aspects of product management. Ranging from the prioritization of features, reviewing product roadmaps, providing tips on conducting user interviews, to recommending strategies for personal growth as a Product Manager, PM Coach prepares individuals concerned with various product management tasks.

Requiring ChatGPT Plus, PM Coach uses the ChatGPT platform to connect with users and bring assistance to them. The GPT invites users with a welcoming message and is ready to take on any product management related questions.

PM Coach is a virtual platform that aims to guide and support product managers in their roles providing reliable and valuable advice, helping streamline the decision-making process, and contributing to efficient product management.


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