A smart outline/mindmap tool that helps you think

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A good outlining tool is a thought-processor, and can be very powerful to all sorts of thinking, planning, organizing, and writing.

I have a clunky version of this, but need someone to do it better. Years ago there was a program called "MaxThink" and a related program called "Houdini" that were powerful at this sort of thing. These are old DOS programs that are no longer available.

With MaxThink you could randomly brainstorm you list in very quickly. (Voice-to-text would be a helpful feature for this stage). From this nonsensical brain-dump, the program would help organize and create an outline. First, you would indicate all the items that you felt were top level (most important). These would become the "bins" that everything else on the list would be feed into. This gives you a 2-level outline. As you went through things, putting things in sequential order, and editing you would quickly end up with a 3-level outline.

Clearly, AI could take that list and suggest what were top-level items. One could edit and adjust. AI could suggest some additional upper-level items. AI could order these in a typical sequence.

AI could then do the "bin-sort" automatically -- possibly adding some of its own thoughts with an astricks* attatched. The person could then talk to the outline, asking for suggestions, expansions, contractions, etc.

One could go from general knowledge on a subject to a fuller, organized outline on the topic to write from, study from, build a course about, etc.
Apr 6, 2024
Hey there, I hope you're doing great! I've recently developed a Mind Mapping tool. If you have any feedback, I'd be more than happy to assist you. Check it out at https://mapmindai.com/.


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