A weird request for a tts chat pet...

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Hello, my name is Fan and I have a an interesting request.

I have created a chat pet for twitch, and am probably going to complicate it more than I should.

The short of it is, is that the pet has 3 heads. Each head having it's own distinct personality and name. Ideally I'd like each individual head to have it's own voice and reaction when replying to chat.

The bots I've seen can only do one voice per reactionary image and I'm thinking of getting multiple bots to Frankenstein my way into a weird pet, but before I do that I was wondering if anyone knew of a TTS AI program with that capability already?

Thank you for taking the time to read through this, I know the request is a bit weird.

Mar 12, 2024
Hey Fan, that sounds like such a cute idea <3 I don't think there's any tool like that available. Unless some nice developer finds this, you might need to Frankenstein your way to it. Maybe keep in mind, if you make them talk to each other, to not have them drag on reply after reply
Mar 12, 2024
After I posted the request I thought about it, and honestly, I'm not above pulling a Frankenstein for this unique hydra pet. Right now I have JibberJabby. I am looking at two other bots to personalize the other heads as well, but rec's would be appreciated. Right now everything is going through open AI, but if I could make/train the individual AI bots myself I'd like to do that in the future. Sorry I know it's a lot. xD


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