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I have several books I haven't finished writing. For example, I have one story that is about 42,000 words and I would like to wrap it up in about 50,000 to 60,000 words.

I'm looking for a tool that would allow me to upload the story I've written, the entire 42,000 word piece, and the tool would understand the theme and characters and fill in the blanks for the part of the stories I have not completed.

I'll be able to tell it to complete the story and stop at 50,000 words, or 55,000 words. I will then be able to go in and edit as I wish and make further changes.

Thank you.

Mar 12, 2024
There are so many out there, you'll need to take some time and look for one that does what you need. I've been using some to help me write articles, but they might be limited in how much text you can give them. Just search for "Writing help" or "Story writing" and you'll have lots
Mar 12, 2024
Thank you. I've looked at several but as you mentioned, the issue is size. I'm looking for book size ability, not articles.
Mar 13, 2024
You're welcome. Another thing you can try, find one tool that you like working with and give you the results you want, then make up a request specifically for that tool's devs, if they can increase the limit or let you upload a document to read


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