Any good self improvement AI covering any of: appearance, efficiency, diet, energy, happiness via focus areas

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These exist just wondering if anyone knows any good ones?
Ideal candidates allow extensive data provision or recording of time spent.

Appearance could cover hair health, weight loss for facial structure, skin health, even a brutal one saying what cosmetic procedures would likely objectively result in increasing attractiveness by perception of the majority. These could be Botox, jawline enhancements, eye area work, eyebrows, skin health and colour, fat reduction such as buccal, nose jobs etc. An objective well informed tool would both help insecurities that are wrong and also provide information on how to help generally. Would spot balding before men do. Would educate on solutions to look into for skincare or brutally if your jawline sucks show what non surgical fillers would do to your looks.

Time wasters: morning energy lag, social media, texting, stock/shares management, dating apps, porn, gaming, tv, searching for lost items, cooking, shopping, tidying,cleaning, sorting small to do list tasks that could be automated or are unimportant, ordering stuff lost, broken, or needing replacement with voucher searches, best item, cashback, anything else automateable.or eliminatable. This list applies to me and together is possible to cut down by 5hrs a day I'll admit, allowing true happiness work and evening relaxing to occur over time due to time. Yes I'm maybe a bad case but maybe not - people are horribly inefficient and we all waste our time on things we don't like or have to do if we had automated them. Any advice on genuine help identifying/tracking easily time and reduction appreciated! Example: Tidying; One thing upon moving rooms, things put down in designated places only. Searching: buzzers on keys and phones, designated places. Cooking: meal prep. Shopping and 'best product or deal': ai to suggest both, minimum Β£x consideration else not worth it hourly. Porn: Tmi but many do this; addicted maybe but bigger problem is time spent searching before for ideal video. Solution: Not gonna cut down easy to below 1x per day for now but monthly setup of 30 days chosen content in one go while on train or walking etc eliminates this to couple hours a month not 30mins+ a day. Time saved in all of this allows girlfriend to eliminate any addiction. Broken items: dropping phone due to stupid location or storage or not in case, stolen bikes, stepping on things shouldn't be on floor, overfilling backpacks shopping, leaving phones or keys behind or dropping them unknowingly walking or cycling, tripping and breaking a rib. All of these easily avoidable simply via tidyness rules, proper place rules, phones and keys ONLY placed into zipped compartment upon non use rule, online shopping automated, tidy so don't trip and gym auto sets daily for bone and muscle sturdiness (it's a big thing at 300kg deadlifts to point where cars on bikes lead to damaged car undamaged me - worthwhile).

Anyone who gets me on any of this please suggest anything helpful as I won't lie recovering from extended depression bout and routines unlearned mean ADHD and time wasters ridiculous ATM.

Efficiency: Huge number for this, impossible sea. Identify your big time wasters and how to reduce, improve work efficiency and barriers to starting, group tasks for batch daily planning (shops while ordering on way, tidy while home gym, pomodoro work with gym sets, quick "while you wait" items for home and about like gym tidy order email reply plan etc. Cooking meals perfect time.

Day planner exceptionally helpful once you've entered lots of info on all your tasks incl deadline, length, impact.

Energy improver via diet and sleep and exercise and medication info tracked; supplements, sleep helps, diet improver and why.

Life focus helper: long term career improvements, efficiency, health, relationships, correct money saving battles: all areas people tend to get wrong to make them happy long term. Each day slowly getting healthier, more energy, more attractive, fitter, learning or progressing in career, actively searching for relationships, not neglecting friendships, learning, making small automation of efficiency improvement. All together listed takes daily perhaps 2-3 hours yet after 1 year you've trained that time back in efficiency and energy and you've probably transformed your life, or at least moved it in the right way! 2-3 hours on all that provides lasting benefits yet we often spend our 15-16 on crap!

Long post just in parts explaining a) how many areas hence great tools exist you may use I'd love to know

b) Reminding readers they know all this but don't do it all most likely unless they're sorted in all fronts! Key point: 3hrs savable for anyone, 3hrs a day out to long term happiness will take about a year before anyone's lives are transformed:) I'm in my own way particularly ATM but odds are you are too! 🀣 One exception: investment banking analysts. recommendation: escape before it destroys you and realise you're losing your life (did 1 year)


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