Create Handbooks from Videos with Screen Shots.

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I make video tutorials to teach people how to use mostly Microsoft Office applications. With my videos, I also like to offer printable PDF handbooks that accompany them. What I want is software that can take the video and create the handbook using AI.

I already have software that can generate a good transcript; that's the easy part. The challenge lies in having the AI know where to place the screenshots. These need to be inserted whenever the screen changes or when the instructor prompts to click on something, or says "look at this..."

I've put together a solution myself using OpenAI's API and FFmpeg (to pull screen shots from the video), but it's not perfect. I believe someone with the time to dedicate to this could do a much better job. My handbooks still require human editing.

I am certain that there would be significant demand for a tool that enables video creators to transform their videos into handbooks complete with screen shots.


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