Evaluate art from images

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AI that can evaluate art from images

Feb 29, 2024
A more elaborate would require you to rephrase your question, you would have to DEFINE what you mean by evaluate art from images. My previous answer, I meant those AI's can describe the art. Here is a general question you might give to AI along with the image. "I've come across an intriguing image and I'm seeking insights to better understand its artistic context and value. Could you provide a detailed description of the image, focusing on its visual elements, themes, and any notable characteristics? Additionally, I'm interested in identifying any artists whose work shares a similar style or aesthetic. Could you also classify the art style and school of art it may belong to? Lastly, any additional information that would contribute to a deeper appreciation and evaluation of this image would be greatly appreciated."
Mar 1, 2024
Hi, you are absolutely correct! I am discovering tricks and fine tuning prompts to get more/better information. I am now going to use your prompt, thank you
Feb 28, 2024
You can use ChatGPT, MidJOurney, Gemnii, Bing Chat, Claude AI
Feb 29, 2024
Thank you, I used Bing Chat and the results are interesting. Will also try the others. BTW, astica Computer Vision AI also works well, but limited to 3 submissions before having to pay
Feb 29, 2024
Once it give you information. Asking it to expand or elaborate in more detail or even write a small essay about the image could be helpful. Claude AI has a long memory and ChatGPT also is now memory enhanced. So Staying in the same conversation can help


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