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Please write an award-winning Ph.D. report with an in-text reference about your overall concept for land-use distribution for a future city of 200,000 people. for each thing you write, endeavor to write literature that supports it and reference it accordingly. Use the following guidelines:

(1.) 40% of the future workforce would have a home office with only 2 office workdays, or meeting opportunities in public venues.
(2.) Housing is 40% single-family and the rest is attached and multi-family.
(3.) Entertainment is decentralized and is to be distributed across the city between neighborhoods and within the city districts
(4.) Recreation within that culture is more for healthy living and open-air activities, define the preferred activities,
(5.) The economy is knowledge-based and depends on IT education in high school and college levels,
(6.) The industry is light with no pollution, many expected industries are in robotics and digital instruments, requiring land plots of up to three acres each.
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