I want required a technical artecheture diagram

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Farmers have to upload their details (registration) using the Mobile App/ Kerafed
2. Krishi Bhavans have to approve the details furnished by farmer and forward the
details to concerned Krishi Bhavan’s .
3. At collection centres assigned Krishi Bhavans / Collection centres need to enter the
quantity brought by farmer.
4. Processor collects coconut from collection centres.
5. Processor transports copra from processing centres to Kerafed Plants. Plant Manager
need to enter the details of copra received.
6. Regional Managers should be able to generate deliver note and e way bill for
transportation of copra.
7. Coconut once delivered by farmer, claim for payment to farmer should be generated
at Krishi Bhavan level, forwarded to Block level Assistant Director- approve the claims
of all Krishi Bhavans under the jurisdiction and forward to PAO at District level
8. Processors when lifted the quantity from collection centres, claim for handling charge
for collection centres to be generated, approved by Krishi Bhavans, Assistant
Directors, DDA credit and forwarded to Kerafed.

9. Copra when accepted at Plants, processing charge claim to be generated at Plants,
Plant Managers to approve and forwarded to KERAFED HO.
10. At Kerafed Bank statement to be generated, once payment made intimation to be
given to Krishi Bhavans and message forwarded to farmers.
11. Web / Mobile App Login is required for Managers at Head Office, Regional
Manager, Principal Agriculture Officer, Plant Managers, collection centres and Krish


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