Natural treatments

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Can anyone make a plugin called: "natural treatments" ?

An AI plugin about natural treatments should include the following:
General information:

Definition of natural treatments
Different types of natural treatments (eg medicinal plants, aromatherapy, apitherapy)
The benefits and risks associated with natural treatments

A comprehensive database of medicinal plants including:
The scientific and popular name
Therapeutic properties
Therapeutic indications
Way of ussage
Contraindications and precautions
Information about other types of natural treatments (eg: aromatherapy, apitherapy)

Ability to search medicinal plants by name, therapeutic properties or therapeutic indications
A personalized recommendation system that provides users with information about natural treatments that are right for their needs
A forum where users can discuss their experiences with natural treatments
Ethical considerations:

The plugin should provide unbiased information based on scientific evidence
Promotion of unconfirmed or potentially dangerous treatments should be avoided
User privacy should be respected
Examples of AI plugins about natural treatments:

Natural Medicines:
Healthline: [Invalid URL removed]

An AI plugin about natural treatments can be a useful tool for people who want to learn more about this therapeutic alternative. It is important that the plugin provides quality, unbiased and evidence-based information.

In addition to those listed above, the plugin might also include:

Articles and case studies on natural treatments
Informative videos on how to use herbs
A glossary of medical terms
The possibility of consulting a specialist in natural treatments online
The development of such an AI plugin could help increase access to quality information about natural treatments and their better use.


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