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Open source AI tool for blocking website in real-time for productivity

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Hello guys,

there are many apps for blocking distracting websites: Freedom, LeechBlock, SelfControl, Cold Turkey, just to name a few. They are useful for maintaining focus, avoiding procrastination, and curbing addictive web surfing.

They work well for blocking a list of a few distracting websites. For me, this is not enough, because I’m spending a large portion of my time on a large number of websites, which I check out for a minute or two and then never visit again. It’s just impossible to maintain a blocklist for this long tail. Also, the web has grown so much that there are just too many easily found alternatives for any blocked distraction.

Well, LLMs to the rescue! With an LLM it’s possible to block websites based on the content, checking each page — if it’s distracting or useful/productive.

While browsing the internet, I came across a blocker extension, Gondolin (, which operates by analyzing websites through GPT and allows you to decide whether or not to visit a site based on what you told it you were doing.

The idea seems brilliant to me because it essentially does what the ideal and perfect version of Freedom/Cold Turkey/Pluckeye would do. I also can't replicate a similar functionality with this software because it's impossible to know in advance the specific sites that will be needed.

I haven't decided to use it for various reasons, including:

- there is no Firefox extension
- it is not open source, we don't really know how the info is managed in the backend, so i'm worried about the privacy aspect! It think that this aspect is very important in this case
- the developer doesn't respond

I'm searching for an alternative, possibly open source.

What do you think of this? Could it be done?
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