Replacement for Photoshop Generative Expand features

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Adobe is limiting credits for full app users to 1,000 – which I used half of in a day just tweaking thumbnails for blogs.

There isn't much that would get me to ditch Adobe but this would — but I do need to be able to expand images so that the thumbnail of a blog can have a 9:16 version for mobile video, etc.

I also use it very regularly for staging prints - asking generative expand to add a frame and place a print on a wall.

Let's start by adding it is not great at this and *always* wants to expand your artwork instead of just framing it.

When you run out of credits, Adobe says it will be "slower" but it is not speed, it is quality of the art it draws -- sometimes scribbles -- quite frustrating and no longer viable to use to mockup images for Etsy print shop.

I've tried a few apps listed on this site that specifically for product mock-ups and — WOW they were terrible. Like, lighting figures out of no where and misshapen things on tables that are so obscure you have no idea what it is.

I am not sure if this is what Photoshop/Firefly excels at or not, but the interior design and rooms it creates are STUNNING and I *very rarely* find mistakes (unless I'm out of credits.

TL;DR — someone create or direct me to a legitimate Firefly / Photoshop replacement for generative expand of art images and for staging in frames and hanging on walls of art images.

May the AI gods smile down upon your endeavors.
Mar 14, 2024
ClipDrop can be a useful alternative for certain image editing and manipulation tasks, but it may not be as powerful or versatile as Adobe's Firefly for specific use cases like expanding artwork, staging prints on walls, and creating product mockups. It's a good idea to explore and evaluate Clip Drop's capabilities to see if it meets your needs.
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