Sketch of a car stuckin stagnant water.

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At approximately 5:10 am on the 25th of March 2024, amidst light rain and darkness, I, along with two passengers, was en route to Lions Eyesight Hospital in Loresho.

Our journey on Mombasa Road between NextGen Mall and Bellevue Footbridge was unexpectedly obstructed when my vehicle, a Toyota Harrier with registration number KDD 677D, became trapped in stagnant water, leading to a complete failure of the ignition system.

Given the severity of the situation, I had to call for assistance to remove the vehicle from the stagnant water. Two men kindly helped push the vehicle to a safer location, but despite our efforts, the ignition system remained unresponsive.

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, I promptly contacted a trusted mechanic for assistance. Upon inspection, the mechanic determined that water had infiltrated the engine, resulting in electrical failure.

To address the issue, we decided to tow the vehicle to Central Farmers Garage in Nairobi for further assessment and repair. Given the prevailing conditions of light rain and darkness, navigating through the stagnant water proved challenging.

Despite moving the vehicle to a safer location, the ignition system remained dysfunctional. It is likely that the water caused the ignition system to malfunction.

To prevent similar incidents in the future, we plan to thoroughly inspect the electrical system for any water damage. sketch for me an image of the vehicle stuck in the stagnant water

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