TAAFT Discord Server, Describe what you want, find AIs

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You should make a Discord server, so that if we want anything added to the site, we can contact you there.

Or make another tab on this website, specifically for features we want in the website.

Like the requests tab, you should make a tab that lets you describe the tasks that you are doing, then the AI will help you find the AIs that you need to complete the tasks.

I think this is good because on your Ai's For You page, it's overwhelming to index through what you want.

For example, say if I wanted an AI for Blender, I would install this AI into Blender, and I would drag aside a window in Blender, take screenshots of what I am doing in Blender, and say to the AI, how do I make an AI in Blender, then the AI would look at my current model, tell me what modifiers to press, what modeling tools to use.

Maybe it could even try modeling itself, but like show me images of what it's done, with yellow highlights around, annotations.

But if you type Blender Tutor, or try and find the AI that I want with your search, it feels impossible, it's like trying to find a pot of gold or finding a needle in a haystack with your search.

With your search, you kind of like, have to project yourself into what AIs are potentially being offered, get the right words in the right order.

Yeah basically a Discord server or any other way to chat with you would be cool, doesn't feel engaging writing in a submit request box.

By chatting through Discord, Email or a forum on this site, it will feel more like a community then.

It's also less overwhelming for you lot to read through a lot of paragraphs.
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