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Product recommendation and quiz for Shopify.
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Askflow's Shopify product quiz app is designed to boost sales by offering an interactive and fun shopping experience for customers. By answering a few simple questions, customers receive immediate and tailored product recommendations, leading to increased sales, improved customer loyalty, and reduced product returns.The app offers several key features, including an intuitive no-code quiz builder that allows users to define their optimal user experience without the need for coding skills.

The app also utilizes AI-powered quiz creation, which allows interactive quizzes to adapt based on customer responses by analyzing the store and product catalog.Askflow's quiz app provides valuable insights through quiz analytics, enabling users to measure engagement and success using multiple data sources.

This data can be used to optimize the quiz's performance and make informed decisions.As a Shopify app, Askflow seamlessly integrates with users' stores, automatically analyzing and extracting all product data for a smooth and effortless experience.With Askflow, users can reach more potential customers and unlock a wider audience, elevate their marketing game, and drive conversions.

The app also enables zero-party marketing, allowing users to collect user data and create custom recommendations for increased conversions.Overall, Askflow's Shopify product quiz app provides an effective and user-friendly solution to maximize profits, engage customers, and drive sales through personalized product recommendations and interactive quizzes.


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Jan 12, 2024
Askflow AI has made a real difference for my Shopify store. Highly recommend it to anyone looking for a seamless and effective way to engage customers!

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Askflow was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 28th 2023.
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