Task automation 23 Feb 2023
Automated engineering team workflow planning.

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Autopia Labs is an AI tool designed to automate workflow planning, progress reporting, and roadmap building for engineering organizations. The tool is built using natural language processing, which allows users to input project goals and provide context, while the AI generates robust tickets for the team's upcoming project in seconds.

Autopia Labs provides real-time visibility into team progress and automatically shares updates with stakeholders, while also keeping aligned with the broader business.

The tool is designed to help teams navigate the challenges of product development using AI and natural language commands. By automating Agile workflows, Autopia Labs enables teams to spend more time building instead of wasting time on manual processes, such as copying and pasting from one platform to another.

The tool also allows teams to prioritize backlog and plan sprints, as well as build next year's roadmap. Overall, Autopia Labs is a time-saving and productivity-boosting tool that can greatly benefit engineering organizations looking to streamline their Agile workflows.

The tool is available for demo and feedback is welcome for further development.


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