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A codebase search and editing assistant for developers.
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Buildt AI is a powerful AI-powered codebase search tool designed to help developers quickly and accurately find, generate and replace anything in their code.

With its natural language Super Search feature, users can instantly find the exact code snippet they are looking for without having to manually search the entire codebase.

Buildt also has features that help users generate new code, refactor existing code, extend functionality, and remove legacy or duplicate code. Additionally, Buildt can help users add or update any dependency changes throughout their codebase, and runs locally on their machine.

Buildt supports Javascript and Typescript, and will soon be supporting 15+ languages. Users can easily install Buildt in just a few clicks, and can sign up to be notified when their favorite language is released.


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Buildt was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 19th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Super Search feature
Quick and accurate finding
Code generation capabilities
Assists in code refactoring
Extend functionality feature
Duplicate code detection
Legacy code removal assistance
Automates dependency updates
Runs locally on machine
Supports Javascript and Typescript
Support for 15+ languages
User-friendly installation process
Notification feature for new languages
Allows coding changes through description
Recommended code and functions
Context-aware code changes
Syntax-compliant refactoring
Automated code extension
Handles dependency changes
Data related to automation hashed
Easy VS Code Extension installation


Limited language support initially
Runs locally only
Possible inaccurate code generation
Dependency management might be complex
May not understand complex queries
No API integration mentioned
May struggle with large codebases
Code refactoring may be risky
Installation required
Doesn't indicate version control integration


What is Buildt AI?
How does the Super Search feature in Buildt AI work?
What languages does Buildt AI currently support?
How can I use Buildt AI to generate new code?
What is the process to refactor code using Buildt AI?
How can Buildt AI help me find and remove duplicate/legacy code?
Can I add or update dependencies in my codebase using Buildt AI?
Does Buildt AI run locally or it is cloud-based?
How can I install Buildt AI?
What future languages will Buildt AI support?
How can I get notified when Buildt supports the language I use?
Can I use Buildt AI to extend the functionality of existing code?
How does Buildt ensure the context awareness and syntax compliance while refactoring?
Is my code data secure with Buildt AI?
How accurate is Buildt AI in search and editing tasks?
Can Buildt AI suggest entire functions based on natural language input?
What kind of code editing can I do using Buildt AI?
Does Buildt AI require specific system requirements?
How does Buildt AI handle dependency changes in the codebase?
What makes Buildt AI efficient for coding tasks?


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