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Code testing assistance through analyzed suggestions.
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Codium is a tool that helps developers write tests faster. It utilizes AI to analyze source code and generate meaningful tests that can catch bugs before deployment.

It can suggest tests as you type and features a Download Extension (coming soon) to automate the process. It works by analyzing the code, docstring, and comments to suggest tests that can be added to the suite.

Additionally, it utilizes testing strategies such as testing edge cases and the parameters of the methods to ensure accuracy. With Codium, developers can quickly and accurately write tests that can help them catch bugs before they reach customers.

Codium was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 17th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates meaningful tests
Code analysis
Helps write tests faster
Suggests tests as typing
Automated test process
Distinguish test edge cases
Downloadable extension (coming soon)
Test generation strategies
Automatically test method parameters
Code behavior analysis
Auto-generated code
Automated code bug detection
Desktop demo available
Test sequence modification
Tests output changes
Error handling tests


Limited to desktop
Absence of Download Extension
Join the alpha waitlist (limited accessibility)
Over-reliance on docstrings and comments
Lack of language compatibility information
No clear indication of integration with third-party tools
Unclear error handling mechanisms


What languages does Codium support?
How does Codium generate meaningful tests?
How does Codium analyze my code?
Is Codium easy to integrate into my existing development process?
How does the Codium Download Extension work?
What kind of testing strategies does Codium use?
How accurate are Codium's test suggestions?
What is the 'Alpha Waitlist' mentioned on the Codium website?
What is the 'Under the hood' feature of Codium?
How does Codium assist in writing tests faster?
Does Codium support edge case testing?
Is Codium capable of suggesting tests in real-time as I code?
What are the criteria Codium uses to suggest tests?
How does Codium help catch bugs before deployment?
How does Codium determine which tests to add to the suite?
Will Codium be available for desktop?
Can Codium help me understand the effect of my code changes?
Can Codium automatically generate unittest tests?
How does Codium interact with my stack and code?
Can Codium analyze both my original code and tests?

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