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First SEO software using AI to give specific action recommendations, not just data.
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CanIRank is a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) software designed for small businesses, startups and SEO consultants that combines artificial intelligence with data analytics for improving Google search rankings.

Its scope of operation includes keyword research, competitor analysis, link building, and SEO consulting. The software offers AI-powered recommendations for SEO strategies, assisting users in understanding why pages rank the way they do while offering insights into changes that could yield impactful results in the shortest possible time.

Utilizing over two years of research, CanIRank has a Ranking Probability feature designed to accurately pinpoint keywords where a site is already competitive and provides a Keyword ROI Score that balances ranking difficulty with keyword value.

Other features of the software include a SERP Analysis tool that collects hundreds of data points for every keyword, a rank tracking tool that monitors the most valuable keyword rankings, and a SEO competitive analysis software that helps understand why a site ranks where it does.

The software also translates data points into specific SEO tasks to help optimize content and link building.


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Pros and Cons


Specific action recommendations
Detailed DIY instructions
Quick delegation to SEO consultant
Customized keyword research
Keyword difficulty scores
Keyword ROI scores
SERP analysis
Rank tracking
SEO competitive analysis
SEO tasks for optimization
Ever-growing SEO knowledgebase
Customized according to user skill
Identifies already competitive keywords
Ideal for small businesses
Ideal for startups
Enhances Google rankings
Ranking Probability feature
Automated keyword research
SERP Analysis tool
Rank tracking tool
SEO competitive analysis software
Translates data into specific tasks
SEO knowledgebase automatically updated
Weekly SEO progress reports
Action Recommendations
Personalized SEO Action Plan
Client SEO Progress Reports
Keyword ROI Score
Automated SEO task tracking


Too complex for beginners
Focus on small businesses
No multilingual support
Relies heavily on data analytics
Limited customization options
No traditional SEO audit
One-size-fits-all SEO recommendations
Lack of integrations with other tools
Lacks transparency in keyword difficulty calculations
Limited keyword research functionalities


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