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Website ranking boost via SEO analysis and optimization.

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CanIRank is a SEO software that uses artificial intelligence to provide specific action recommendations to optimize website rankings. It gives users detailed DIY instructions, or the option to delegate to an SEO consultant with just one click.

It provides keyword research customized to the user's website, as well as keyword difficulty and keyword ROI scores to help identify potential keywords and prioritize them.

CanIRank also provides SERP analysis, rank tracking, and SEO competitive analysis, as well as SEO tasks to optimize content and find links. Finally, it provides an ever-growing SEO knowledgebase of appropriate actions customized according to user skill level, site needs, and the historical effectiveness of each action.

CanIRank helps users find keywords their site is already competitive for to achieve results quickly with less cost and risk. It is the perfect tool for small businesses and startups looking to quickly improve Google rankings.

Canirank was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 24th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Detailed DIY instructions
One-click delegation to SEO consultant
Customized keyword research
Keyword difficulty scores
Keyword ROI scores
SERP analysis
Rank tracking
SEO competitive analysis
SEO tasks for optimization
Link finding
Customized SEO knowledgebase
Identifies competitive keywords for site
Suitable for small businesses and startups
Competitor Analysis feature
Link building option
Keyword Difficulty feature
SEO Consulting option
Historic actions effectiveness data
Results tracking feature
Automation in keyword research
Keyword ROI Calculation
Data collection from multiple SEO tools
Ongoing results monitoring
Notification system for SEO changes
Explanatory SEO reports
Customized DIY SEO Action Plan
Freelancer tasks management
On-page SEO software
Page optimization guidance
SEO progress reports
ROI-focused utility for startups and small businesses
Blog for SEO tips and strategies
30-day results guarantee
Personal expert assistance
Discover 'low-hanging fruit' keywords feature
Free trial available


Overly detail-oriented
Complex interface
Potential spamming risk
No identifiable mobile support
No free version
Slow response time
Highly dependent on user’s SEO knowledge
Overwhelming amount of features
No clear data export options
Limited tracking metrics


What is CanIRank?
How does the AI in CanIRank work?
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How does CanIRank conduct keyword research?
What is the Keyword ROI scores feature in CanIRank?
Does CanIRank provide continuous rank tracking?
How does CanIRank find SEO competitive opportunities?
What is the SEO knowledgebase in CanIRank and how does it support user learning?
How can CanIRank be utilized for small businesses and startups?
What is the role of CanIRank's SERP Analysis feature?
Does CanIRank offer a guarantee for increased search engine traffic?
How does CanIRank calculate a Keyword ROI Score?
Does CanIRank offer solutions for SEO freelancer task management?
Can CanIRank help in finding link building opportunities?
How can CanIRank help in tracking SEO metrics and progress over time?
Does CanIRank offer a free trial?
What are some of the SEO tasks CanIRank suggests for optimizing content?
How does CanIRank help in understanding SEO competitive analysis?
Can CanIRank assist in improving my Google ranking?

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